It’s on the bag.

Our friend Ryvka (the proud papa of this blog) recently returned from Canada with this bag from the dairy her cousin works at. I love it for three reasons:

1) I love goat cheese.
2) I love funny/cheesy (ha!) slogans.
3) Do you see how many funny slogans about goat cheese are on this bag? The best part is it seems like they couldn’t pick just one – so they kept em all!

Do you have a funny food picture? Send it in! Funny food pictures are just too good to keep to yourself at a communal table.

And with regards to goat cheese: growing up, I never ate goat cheese. My parents weren’t big fans of the ol’ chevre and didn’t keep it around the house, so I always just assumed I wouldn’t like it either. It was pretty shocking to taste goat cheese for the first time as an adult and realize that I LOVED it. Lately I’ve been using it in a lot of pasta dishes. It manages to add both richness and brightness at the same time…amazing! (In related news, I once had a delicious goat cheese and amarena cherry ice cream…shout out to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams in Ohio!)

What’s your goat cheese story? Do you like it? Hate it? Have you experienced a transformation? How do you like to eat it and cook with it?

8 thoughts on “It’s on the bag.

  1. I love having a creamy spreadable goat cheese on my toast in the morning covered with a layer of bitter orange marmalade, it’s a part of my dream breakfast.

    • Whoa, that sounds SO good!! Goat cheese and fig jam is a pretty dreamy combination, too. There’s just something so delicious about goat cheese and fruit…

    • A question for goat cheese’s biggest fan: how do you feel about the kind that comes with garlic, herbs, etc in it? And which are your favorite goat cheeses, if you have any?

  2. i have lost friends because of how strongly i dislike goat cheese. (okay maybe i haven’t actually lost friends, but it’s put a strain on various relationships). ora: remember that video y’all made for my birthday?

    • It’s true that I always forget that you, Sonny, being the food loving, creative culinary artist that you are, don’t like goat cheese! I suppose it’s good for you to at least have one flaw…but remember that my forgetfulness led me to feed you goat cheese feta and it worked for you! I think you just don’t like the more gamey cheeses (which is what I used to not be able to appreciate out goat cheese)…

  3. I also thought I hated goat cheese. And then when I was 18 years old, doing volunteer work in the West Bank, a Bedouin woman from a tribe I was working with in their struggle against displacement, took me over to her goats. We milked them together, not being able to speak each other’s languages- just smile and touch the goat. Then we ate fresh goat cheese (made a little earlier) and giant, warm, dark lavash bread. My goat cheese portal was opened.

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